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A TrackStars karting party is fun-filled from start to finish

All the fun of the fair

Fantastic for festivals, fairs and fetes


Customer open days, staff family days, weddings... let TrackStars make your day!

Kids' karting fun

We organise and host birthday parties, operate at fairs and entertain kids with our karting activities. Our battery powered karts are environmentally friendly and near silent in operation – so we are green in yellow karts! Our prices start from just £240.

We are mobile too - we bring our karts and inflatable track to many indoor and outdoor locations across Sussex and parts of Kent and Hampshire, so there will be a venue convenient for you.

You can rely on us to bring something a bit different to your party or event. Something your little TrackStars will remember.

Fun for kids

Fantastic fun for 4-11 year olds

Children’s Parties

Make it a birthday to remember!


Brilliant for festivals, fairs, weddings and more

Inflatable track

Keeps karters and spectators safe

At a venue near you!

Choose from locations convenient for you or even at your home if there’s space.

Battery powered

Variable speed with remote control safety cut off

The karts


We use battery power to make them roll - big juicy 24V lumps that last for ages. The karts have a variable speed control from steady to speedy - plenty safe enough for a 4 year old and thrilling for a 10 year old. We can make them go in reverse as well. Pretty cool. So they're safe, quiet, non-polluting and look fantastic.


TrackStars karts are as robust as they come. They need to be! We aren't in the dodgems business but you know kids; bumps and bangs are inevitable so we like our karts tough.


Drivers are kept safe with adjustable seat belts which must always be worn.


One pedal operation makes it easy to drive. Press to go, let go to come to a stop. Simples.


Whilst we don't doubt the driving capabilities of our customers sometimes we need to step in quickly and our operators can stop the karts using a hand held device that offers another level of safety to those over enthusiastic drivers.

Childrens Parties

Fetes &

Weddings, Holiday Camps & Corporate

Childrens Parties

As parents ourselves, we know it can be tricky thinking of new ways to celebrate your child’s birthday each year. Play centres? Been there – twice! Trampolines? Did that last year. House party? Too stressful and messy. A karting party? Now you’re talking!

TrackStars organise and manage fun-filled parties for your speed demon and their track buddies. If you’re looking for a thrilling time for boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 11 then we are the people to talk to. Our parties start from £240 for an hours party, printed invitations, medals, certificates, a chequered flag for the birthday person and photos and thank you cards afterwards.

Our karts are robust, battery powered and feature variable speed and remote control cut off for safety. You can read more about the karts here. A strong inflated barrier forms the track and is designed to keep drivers safe along with spectators.

We work with a number of venues including sports halls, school halls and so on and will always source a venue convenient to you. The karts have wide pneumatic tyres and so are non-marking on wooden or synthetic floors.

Usually the little motorists will drive in groups of 4 starting off at a moderate speed, doing a few laps to get a feel for the karts. Once everyone has had a go we can introduce challenges such as slaloms through cones or even a spot of reversing! Finally, we’ll increase the pace of the karts for some fast laps – which is usually what they want and completely chaotic – to finish off the event.

We recommend a minimum of 8 children up to a maximum of 20 - this way no-one has to wait too long for a turn and everyone gets a fair amount of driving time.

At the end of the party the birthday star might do a couple of celebratory laps to the cheers of their happy friends before everyone is awarded a medal and congratulatory certificate and a group souvenir photo is snapped.

You can then relax in the knowledge that your little TrackStar will be the talk of their class!

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  • Prices from £240
  • Suitable for 4-11 year olds
  • Battery powered, variable speed
  • Remote control safety cut off

Fetes & Fairs

We all love a summer fair don’t we? Stalls, hook-a-duck, candy floss bigger than your head… Could they get any better? Well how about a karting circuit with the latest electric karts whizzing round!

TrackStars attends fetes, festivals and fairs across the region during the season and will inject a high octane dose of excitement to supercharge your event.

Aimed at youngsters aged 4–11 years old, the battery powered karts will run all day (we have spare batteries on charge all the time) and can operate in occasional rain showers too – so perfect for British summers!

From our experience, if the activity is well located and promoted by you beforehand, you will get an uptake in visitors keen for their children to have a drive as there really isn’t anything similar for this age group.

We can set up on grass or hardstanding (we prefer grass). The karts are driven within a self-contained track in the form of an inflatable tube which also protects spectators and passers-by. The track is kept inflated by a blower. We can be self-sufficient and bring our generator but we like to hook up to a power supply whenever we can – it’s greener that way. The track can be staked to the ground (when on grass) or weighted if it’s on hardstanding.

The overall dimensions are approximately 15m x 11m or 50’x 30’ in old money. We mutually agree terms with you whether that be a pitch fee, commission or rent and takings basis depending on the event and duration. Best thing is to give us a call to talk.

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  • County Shows
  • Village Fetes
  • School Fairs

Weddings, holiday camps & corporate

TrackStars karting is a great way to provide entertainment at a wedding, a company family open day or to thrill the kids at a holiday camp.

We work a little differently to our birthday party or weekend fair set up at these type of events. You book us to attend whether it is for an afternoon, a day or even to attend regularly if you run a six week summer camp for instance. The children drive for free and we make sure everyone is having fun and doing great driving.


If you operate holiday camps you may well be scratching your head for new ways of keeping your young clients entertained. We can help! We can attend on a regular weekly basis, visit different venues if you operate across multiple locations or come along as a one off for an end of holiday celebration.


For celebrations like weddings we suggest attending for the afternoon and we will liaise with the venue, yourselves or a planner to make sure we’re in the right place at the right time and that there’s nothing you need to worry about so that you can enjoy your big day.


Does your company have family open days or special events? TrackStars kartings can be a great way to entertain families with young children that might be attending.


Got a different idea or requirement? Really! Thought we’d covered everything… Of course, we’d be thrilled to talk through any ideas or plans you might have. Driving schools? That’s a really cool idea! Traffic lights, crossings and parking. We all take all that stuff for granted when we’re out and about but how well would your class or school manage? That’s “edutainment” right there!

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  • Weddings
  • Family Fun Days
  • Holiday Camps
  • Special Events
Childrens Parties Fetes & Fairs Weddings, holiday camps & corporate

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For a children’s party, please let us know your preferred date, the number of children you expect to attend and whereabouts you are, so we can recommend the best venue. We’ll prepare a quote for you and when you’re ready to book you pay a deposit to secure the party.

Please add our email address enquiries@trackstars.fun and check your junk or spam folder for our reply.

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